About Experior Group

Experior Group, Inc. was founded in 2007 to provide premium risk management services for domestic and international clients. We work closely with Executive, risk management, human resource, and facility management teams to provide benchmark solutions to security and safety related issues.

Headquartered in Falls Church, VA; Experior Group maintains global resources to assist clients anywhere in the world.  From government programs and NGO operations to global commercial enterprises, Experior Group, Inc. provides sensible, cost-effective solutions using industry best practices.

Experior excels in service delivery through carefully select, experienced operators. Experior has forged strong global partnerships so that we can provide the highest quality, and widest range, of international security services. Experior Group has an extensive track record of proven, trusted services that help to forge long-term relationships with clients. Experior currently works with Fortune 500 companies, non governmental organizations, non profit organizations, and government agencies.  Experior Group consultants have conducted numerous lectures for universities, political organizations, and government programs on such topics as: security sector reform, counter terrorism methodology, security policy, and international security concerns. Experior also offers a great international resource pool for other security vendors who are seeking to subcontract work.

Aric Mutchnick, President of Experior, has worked in security consulting and counter terrorism since 1994. After working for several large security consulting/training firms Mr. Mutchnick felt that clients were looking for a higher quality of service, an understanding of their needs and transparency in operations and costs. Mr. Mutchnick has worked hard to ensure that Experior Group only provides the best solutions using the most qualified personnel.  For a full bio, please click here.